about a famVID Wedding

We love to keep things simple and the best way to describe our style is though simple bullet points...

- Visually driven

Our films are driven by a strong sense of movement and rich in visually diverse shots.

- Moment inspired

We typically do not like a lot of direction. The moment is what inspires us to capture the best memories.

- Memory focused

Our mission is to capture the moments that will bring a flood of emotion and joy to the hearts of the bride and groom each time they watch the famVID for years to come!


Some things we do:

Host your video

We will upload your video to our site (like this) and host it for you free of charge. You are free then to share your famVID Wall Page with all of your family and friends as much as you like! It can also be password protected if you like to ensure only the folks you want to see your video have access to it.


We have a 7 day policy of turn around for your famVID Wedding video. Even though nearly all of our clients will tell they received access to their famVID Wall Page within 2 days of the event.

Some things we don't do:


We chose not to record the audio for the wedding, we have found most couples are cool with that. We can, however, meet with the bride and groom to record any special vows prior to the wedding for an additional charge.


Just like we wouldn't offer VHS or Beta, we do not offer DVD service. We will make the file available for download so that the bride and groom may create DVD's at their own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a "Half Day" include?

A half day wedding means we come to the location of your ceremony (only) and film the moments and events leading up to the ceremony, the ceremony and reception (if reception is in same location). For example if the wedding is at 5 p.m. we would typically come an hour before the wedding and get some footage leading up to the ceremony and then continue to capture moments up through 8 p.m. 

In a nutshell

 "Half Day" is 4 hours on site.
Video - 2 songs long
Video - Hosted free (for one year) on your FamVid Wall and downloadable


Do we get a DVD of the video?

It is in a VERY rare occasion that we will produce a DVD. Since we are giving you a link to a downloadable file you should be able to create as many DVD's as you like from that file. We can do it for you, but there is a $75 fee per DVD to produce them.

Its likely that you have a 15 year old family member that would do it for you for $20 :)
-Todd, Owner